Becoming With
At Tributary Projects with Ella Bryne, Joan Shin, Stella Palmer, Jesse Rye, Megan Hanson, Mackenzie Benato, Collaboration between Eleanor Zurowski, Bryan Martin, Max Whelan-Young and Sunny Lei, Two Leaves, Meng-Yu Yan and Ondine Manfrin.
Curated by Anna May Kirk.
Documentation by David Lindesay September 4 - 15 2019

Ursula K. Le Guin has stated that “the only thing that makes life possible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not knowing what comes next”. We stand in our present moment, paralysed. Looking into the mirage of an unimaginable future, swirling with abstract dystopian visions and fleeting utopian hopes. This moment is an existential juncture — an extended journey along the edge of extinction into a time unrecognisable from what we know.
How do we love with the end in sight?

Becoming with explores relations in the face of uncertainty. Artists in this exhibition meddle with the stitches that hold us together, speculating how might we understand connections between bodies, beings, technologies and environments in this time of rapid shifts. Becoming with centres care as the tool to work beyond and with this crisis. Embodying it as a strategy that places us at stake in the world.
Anna May Kirk

‧͙+ ̊*・༓☾ Thanks ☽༓・* ̊+‧͙’ text work

Installation view Becoming With, Tributary Projects

Dance of world-making encounters, laser-cut acrylic, servo motor, 25cm x 25cm x 52cm, 2019

Tract (eternal thanks), laser-cut latex, acrylic, microphone stand, led light, vibrator, approx. 52cm x 32cm x 85cm, 2019

My body is pieced into a tract of localities,
a landscape; for you

Maybe it’s in the echoes of this deep-seated crust that futures exist

A vitalized embrace, I recall air gushing, bouncing off the walls - a song

I will carry this wound with me
I hope at least it guides me safely
i can see you
allowing light to pass through