Mood_board, mailing list text for Next Wave, 2020

Scrolling as scrolling,  spoken poem for Write Around the Murray festival, commissioned  by the Murray Art Museum Albury, 2020

To Tract, essay for Running Dog: Automate Me, 2020 
Mixed Business [with Isaac Di Matteo], essay for Pari, 2020
Holding as Beholding, text for reading group series at Pari, 2020
Spells, text for Runway issue 40: Caption, 2019
Gargle, text for Bodies of Water at the Bearded Tit, 2019
Cruising Ghost Tour, for Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 2019
͙ ̊* Thanks * ̊+͙ , text for the catalogue of Becoming With, Tributary Projects, 2019
Treasure Island, poem, phone notes & images for Minimum Wage Magazine issue 4, 2019

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Back Log, anti gallery, 2020 (NSW)

Default  Settings v.2, Gore st, 2020 (NSW)

Flogging A Dead Horse, Canteen, 2020 (NSW)
Mixed Business, Pari, 2020 (NSW)
Bodies of Water, The Bearded Tit, 2019 (NSW) 
One Past Liverpool, Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre, 2019 (NSW)
Pleasure Centre, Down Under Space, 2019 (NSW)
Becoming With, Tributary Projects, 2019 (ACT)
Happy Sad Angry Mad, Woodburn Creative, 2019 (NSW)
SUPERVIS, Kudos Gallery, 2019 (NSW)
Model / Modal, Closed On Monday gallery, 2018 (online)
Minimum Wage issue 3 launch, the Burrow, 2018 (VIC)
Dirt, Down Under Space, 2018 (NSW)
Dark Servo, The Servo, 2018 (NSW)

Held, AD Space, 2020, (NSW)

Committee member, Kudos Gallery, 2019 
Advisory board member, Concordia Gallery, 2018- ongoing


Bachelor of Fine Arts, UNSW 2018-2020